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Our major activity is financial instruments trading in US stock markets. Owing to collaboration with world trading leaders we ensure direct access to the US exchanges: NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), AMEX (American Stock Exchange). Trading is made within the professional trade platform which is used by financial institutes all over the world. Our personnel are provided with professional working places and experienced Traders support. We support the Traders from their first meeting with financial markets and within their entire career.
Our mission is to create favorable conditions for Traders to work. We provide Traders with necessary knowledge and skills as well as place where they can use this knowledge with maximum output. We understand that practice makes master in the financial markets. That is why the key point of our program is practical lessons LIVE TRADING. This program includes the most modern standards and methods of western financial markets and has been created with participation of world leaders of capital markets.

We would like to make trading to be accessible for anyone who feels like it. Combination of our educational courses and best conditions for trade offered by us will provide everybody with a chance to make Trading his or her profession in future.

If you are already a Trader with experience and search best conditions for remote trading, please visit page Remote Trading to see our conditions.

If you just start your activity in Trading we are offering a stationary training at our Trading Room in Warsaw according to course "Professional Day Trader". More information you can get on page Education. After graduating from stationary course you can try and obtain position in our trading office.

2B TRADERS - Trading room in Warsaw

2B TRADERS - Igor Melnyk
Igor Melnyk
Trader and trainer
He has been working in the financial markets industry since 2002. A graduate of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and the Ukrainian Institute of Stock Market Development. He gained experience in investment companies and European trading rooms. Currently runs 2B TRADERS based in Warsaw. The company deals with professional training of traders in accordance with the standards of Western financial markets and probably provides the best capital management and risk control in Europe.
2B TRADERS - Patryk Wiaderny
Patryk Wiaderny
Senior trader
Trader and trainer
He began his adventure with financial markets in 2010. In 2015, he became involved with American stock exchanges. He acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for trading in the Katowice Trading Room Global BD Trading to join 2B TRADERS in 2018. He studied social psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and continually uses his education in professional trading at NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX and with working with other traders.



+48 607 902 207 - polish, english
+48 730 254 259 - russian, ukrainian
TRADING ROOM : Domaniewska 47, 02-672 Warsaw
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